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Smash Burger Horseshoe

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

One of our go-to griddle recipes meets a Central Illinois staple! This horseshoe is made up of Texas Toast, smash burger, French fries and cheese!

1.5 lbs Ground Beef

2 Tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce

Uncle Bubby’s Queso

2 lbs French fries

Uncle Bubby’s Cow Rub

4 Slices Texas Toast

Add ground beef, W sauce and Cow Rub to a medium bowl and mix to combine. Portion into 6 balls. Place on a preheated griddle or cast-iron skillet and press down to smash. Season with Cow Rub and cook for about 2-3 minutes. Flip and season other side. Cook for another 2 minutes or until burgers are done. Set aside and keep warm. Cook French fries however you prefer. Toast bread. To assemble, add 1 slice of toasted bread to a plate and top with a burger. 2 burgers for larger appetites. Next, cover the whole thing with French fries and smother in queso. Enjoy!

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