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Cocktail Recipes for Summer Barbecues

Get your drink on with these fabulous summer cocktails!

Summertime BBQs are the perfect opportunity to invite friends and family to fire up the grill, enjoy delicious side dishes, and have a few cold and refreshing cocktails. If you're planning to host a BBQ this summer, make sure your drinks fit the menu and quench your guest's thirst in the warm weather.

Whiskey Sour

2 oz bourbon

3/4 oz fresh lemon juice

3/4 oz simple syrup

Maraschino cherry for garnish

Orange wedge for garnish

Combine bourbon, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, and ice in a cocktail shaker. Cover and vigorously shake. Strain the cocktail over ice and garnish with a cherry and orange wedge.

A Whiskey Sour is like a glass of lemonade but much better. Bourbon's warming flavors are balanced with tart lemon juice and a splash of simple syrup for sweetness. This refreshing cocktail is simple to make and accompanies BBQ's complex flavors. Try Uncle Bubby's Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce on your beef or pork ribs to pair with this tangy summertime cocktail.

Dark Rum Mojito

2 oz dark rum

2 tsp raw sugar

1/2 fresh lime

10 fresh mint leaves

Club soda to top off

Gently muddle mint, sugar, and lime together in the bottom of a cocktail shaker. Add the dark rum and give it another quick muddle. Pour the cocktail over ice and top off with club soda and garnish with a lime.

Mojitos are typically made with white rum, but this cocktail takes the original and gives it a flavorful twist. This tonic is refreshing yet slightly spicy from the dark rum's aged flavor. Dark rum pairs well with BBQ as it compliments its smoky flavors from being aged in charred barrels. Pulled pork or brisket with Uncle Bubby's Tex-Mex Blend Spice Rub will make an excellent pairing with this classic cocktail.


For a Pitcher:

1 bottle of dry red wine like Grenache or Pinot Noir

1/3 cup brandy or orange liqueur

1/2 cup orange juice

1 sliced green apple

1 sliced orange

Add sliced apple and orange to the pitcher. Add red wine, brandy, and orange juice and give it a good stir. Allow the Sangria to sit for an hour or two before serving to allow the fruit to marinade.

Sangria is a sweet and fruity cocktail that is delicious on its own but really shines when enjoyed with food. The combination of dry red wine with fresh fruit is a summertime staple. Red wine is delicious on its own with grilled meat, and the additional sweetness from the fruit makes it a great combo with BBQ sauce. Enjoy a homemade pitcher of Sangria at your next BBQ with Uncle Bubby's Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce slathered on chicken thighs.

Spicy Margarita

2 oz Blanco tequila

1/2 oz orange liqueur

1 oz freshly squeezed lime juice

1/2 oz agave syrup

2 slices of jalapeno, seeds removed

Salt rim for garnish

Slice jalapeno for garnish

Muddle jalapeno slices with tequila in a cocktail shaker. Add orange liqueur, agave, and lime juice and shake with ice. Strain into a glass with (or without) a salted rim over ice.

A Spicy Margarita is not for the faint of heart, but if you are a heat-lover, this twist on the classic cocktail may become your new favorite. This spicy drink will pair great with grilled shrimp tacos, fresh salsa, and guacamole. Use Uncle Bubby's Sweet Heat BBQ to add extra heat and a sweet finish to your shrimp.

Whatever cocktails you choose to pair with your BBQ this summer, you're sure to enjoy yourself with good company and great food!

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